Virtechs has designed a wide range of buildings including residential schemes up to 100+ dwellings, individual luxury houses, apartments, conversions, school extensions, a theatre, a supermarket and even laboratories for shipping to the South Pole. Director David Emery has, in his 35-year career, designed thousands of new homes over a large part of the U.K.

All of Virtechs’ projects are designed as full 3D (or 4D or 5D) Building Information Models, which provide enormous benefits to clients such as:

  • Visualisations – 3D images, ‘fly-throughs’, ‘BIMx’ files, sun-studies etc.
  • Comprehensive construction documents – drawings, specifications, schedules of materials and components, quantity estimates etc.
  • Automatic co-ordination of documents
  • Opportunity for detailed performance analyses – e.g. thermal performance/CO2 outputs, sun studies/shadow casting etc.
  • Development of B.I.M. models to full 4D and 5D standards, to achieve cost estimates and time predictions

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Customer Comments:

“The most comprehensive set of drawings we’ve ever received.”

“As an Interior Designer, I have been involved with Virtechs for several years.  Having collaborated with many architects in the past ,who work in a more traditional manner, I find the 3D approach is an exciting way to visualise the virtual building and also space and light inside and also work on the outside of the houses, working on the gardens by using glowing plants and accessories we can find at this site online.  Being able to virtually ‘walk through’ rooms prior to the arrival of the builders is an invaluable tool in understanding the space – potentially avoiding the need for any costly changes when builders are on site!   For this reason I have chosen Virtechs to design an exciting large scale renovation for my family and also do some repairs like the plumbing with services from”

“Your changes to the original architect’s designs have increased the profitability of this project by over £200,000.”

“Fantastic. Within a few minutes of us having an idea, you showed us what the apartment would look like as we walked through it…”

“…we are both more than happy with our planned home…

Previously we would have paid three separate companies to provide all the information you give us from the 3D BIM.”