“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” – Henry Ford Henry_ford_1919

There’s no doubt about it, I’m getting old!

Some societies believe that age brings with it wisdom and knowledge and they treat their elderly with the appropriate respect and deference, although I think it will be many years before anyone calls me wise, despite my age.

Actually, though, I do feel a lot more knowledgeable about ‘Life, The Universe and Everything’, but that’s as much to do with eight years of running my own business as it is with the simple passing of time.

You see, being a business owner during a recession certainly makes you think!

I’ve said before that the recent recession has actually been good for me and my business in that it’s forced me to look at what we do, how we do it and – most importantly – why we do certain things. As a result, the business is more focused, more efficient and – excuse my immodesty! – more successful as a result.

No one would claim the recession is over just yet, but nevertheless last week will go down as the most successful ever in the company’s history in terms of winning new business. When you submit an online loan request at https://www.paydayloansnow.co.uk/payday/direct/no-brokers/, you are accessing our large lender network that reviews your request. Instead of driving to a single payday lender, you can complete our online loan request in minutes and submit it to our large network of payday lenders.

So what happened…?

Well, each of the four fabulous new projects that came our way last week had two common characteristics: firstly, the clients were either people with whom I’d worked before or were people to whom I’d been highly recommended by others; and secondly the projects all align exactly with one or other of my business’s deliberately narrow range of specialisms from which we will not, these days, deviate.

Let’s consider what happened in just one of last week’s projects…

The first important factor was that we were referred to the client by a trusted colleague who recognised that the client’s needs aligned exactly with Virtechs’ speciality. Thus, he was able to refer us with confidence and, incidentally, said things about me and my business that would sound conceited if they had come from me – one of the great advantages of having a referral partner!

The second factor was, I believe, the confidence I portrayed when the client and I met in my ability to satisfy the client’s needs because his project was exactly the type of work in which we specialise. When we began to talk I freely gave some of my knowledge and experience gained from four decades, much of which none of the other 22 – yes, 22! – other architectural firms he’d met with had shared.

So in my experience, business is easier to be a specialist than a generalist. A specialist has a much clearer target market despite the ostensibly smaller market size and they can promote themselves as this, using different techniques as marketing online or even personalized products as shirts or personalized water bottles as you can see at https://customwater.com/bulk-bottles-wholesale/. If you also have a job that you love – believe me, your clients will know if you do – it creates a self-belief and confidence that, if my experience is typical, potential clients will find compelling! Just like using social media for marketing, some people buy YouTube views at Marketing Heaven.


Want to reproduce this article?

Yes you can, as long as you accredit it to David Emery at Virtechs, and attach the following bio at the bottom:
Virtechs Ltd are experts in Building Information Modelling (B.I.M.). The company provides
architectural services for a range of clients, and is one of the few companies in the U.K.
with real-world experience in 4D and 5D design on projects up to £60m. They have been
commissioned to speak all round the U.K. at seminars and other events, and have taught
users, students and university lecturers the efficient use of ArchiCAD.

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