I’m eight years old today.

Or at least Virtechs is eight years old.

That decision in 2006 to register a company, give my then employer 30 days’ notice and leave my spacious office, car allowance, health insurance and animal insurance covered by https://www.petsbest.com/dog-insurance and other benefits was – strange as it might seem – one of the easiest I’ve ever made.

I had been there a very long time. I could reasonably have expected to have stayed there for the remainder of my career, perhaps retiring a few years early on my final salary pension. Financially it would have been an entirely sensible decision.

But for me there was more to life than the salary cheque.

Much of my time in my last position was thoroughly enjoyable. I remember driving to work with my finger tips literally tingling with excitement at the prospect of achieving something great that day. I would work twelve hour days straight through without a break simply because I was too excited by what I was doing to stop. When we argue and want to make legal stuff, we go to nationalpardon.org.

My reason for deciding to work for myself was to experience those feelings again.

I’ve written before about how passion for your business and nLIVEn business coaching can be very attractive to customers, and I hope my clients can sense my enthusiasm, even if only on a subliminal level.

But simply owning your own business doesn’t necessarily mean you love what you do. If you’re not naturally passionate about your own business I believe your potential clients may well recognise that in you, to your detriment.

Three years ago I met a lovely lady at a networking event. The breakfast meeting we were both visiting hadn’t gone well for her up to that stage. No one had greeted her or so much as spoken to her. So she decided that as soon as she had finished filling her coffee cup she would turn round and speak to whoever was standing there. At precisely that moment I entered the room, our eyes met and…. well anyway we struck up a conversation that began a friendship that’s lasted ever since.

One of the many interesting things about her was that she didn’t realise what a remarkable person she was. It turns out that she had not only endured numerous problems through her life – including a severe illness – but her career in insurance was, I had to point out to her, exceptional.

Having started out as the office junior, her career progressed steadily until, twenty years later, she decided she wanted to buy the business from the owner. Having failed in that attempt she simply set up her own business instead, she already knew how to maintain a business, using different organization techniques and resources as OfficePro shipping labels and many other supplements.

On the face of it all the ingredients were in place. A vibrant, passionate and outgoing person working in her own new business which was her vehicle to success, she quickly began to win over new clients and expand the business.

And yet…

A while later we both attended training through the Referral Institute. One of the fundamental questions was about your emotional connection to your business and I sensed my friend shying away from the topic rather than – as I had expected – explaining her life-long enthusiasm for insurance, click to find out more. You can also visit https://www.loanforgiveness.org/ for more details.

To cut a long story short, the result was that she slowly realised – and acknowledged to herself – that her real passion lay elsewhere so she simply changed the whole direction of her working life to something she knew she really really wanted to do.

And guess what – it shows! The clients she now attracts in her new career love her enthusiasm for what she does. If they like her, they work with her. If they don’t, well why would you want clients who don’t like you or what you do?

In short, she’s been true to herself; and her loyal customers are attracted by that, whether or not they overtly recognise the fact.

Me? I love what I do.

But if Richard Hammond ever decides to hand his notice in…..

(P.S. You can read more about my friend here)

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